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Up to $10,000 Ace Pot!! At a B-Tier?!

Yup.. that's right! It's noooo typo. Disc Viking Apparel Co, who is putting on the '1st Annual Central Oklahoma Endurance Challenge, Sponsored by Dynamic Discs' has teamed up with DD and Grow Disc Golf to bring the $5K/$10K Ace Challenge to their tournament!

What does that mean for tournament goers and how do they get in on this potentially monster payout? Simply put, hit an ace on the designated hole, in this case hole 17 at Dolese Youth Park's "OG" during the tournament, and someone could be walking away $10,000 richer. As far as entry into the Ace Challenge, it's included in the tournament entry! Of course there are rules to winning the big $10K prize, but honestly, it couldn't be easier.. except maybe actually hitting the ace.

First things first. Grow Disc Golf started the $5K/$10K Ace Challenge as one of their many initiatives to get more people involved in what is already the fastest growing sport in the world. The rules are extremely simple for the competitor so here we go..

  1. When you get to the designated hole, before you throw, you look into the waiting camera, bat your eyes (ok, maybe not that part), announce your name and what disc you are throwing, showing it to the camera.

  2. Get on that tee box and THROW!

  3. Pray and yell at your disc to get in the basket (I hear leaning, waving your arms and running sideways works too).

  4. If you hit the ace, the videographer will follow you to the hole where you will announce your name and the disc you threw again, showing it to the camera.

Simple. Right?

There is a caveat to all this when it comes to payout. If you throw a 'Trilogy' disc (Dynamic Discs, Latitude 64 or West Side Discs) and you're the only one to hit an ace, you win the full $10,000. If more than one person hits an ace (all throwing Trilogy), like any other ace pot, it's split between them. If you hit an ace with a non-Trilogy disc, that's where the '$5K' comes in. A solo, non-Trilogy ace get's you $5,000; two non-Trilogy aces $2,500 each and so on. Now there's all sorts of formulas for various situations. For instance, if one person hits the ace with a Trilogy disc and another hits the ace with a non-Trilogy disc, the Trilogy thrower gets $5,000 and the non-Trilogy thrower gets $2,500 and so on. It all makes sense and the rules are pretty simple.

All that being said, what is already promising to be an epic tournament, with a format designed to test a disc golfers' mental and physical toughness, just got even better! Remember, as of January 1st, 2022 you must be an active PDGA member to play in B-Tier and above tournaments.

I've included links below to join the PDGA and enter this amazing tournament.

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